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Windows 8: How to Change the Start Menu Background

Hover (don’t click) your mouse over the bottom-right corner of the page. This is the charmingly charmful way of making Windows 8 display the Charms menu. From the Charms menu select Settings. It’s the icon that looks like a giant gear. In the settings sidebar-menu, click Change PC settings. Now that we’re here, check out […]


Windows 8: Pin Favorite Websites to Start Screen

In Windows 8, if you want quick access to your favorite web sites, there’s a new way to access them via the Start screen.  Here’s how to pin favorite websites. From the Start screen, launch Internet Explorer 10 and browse to one of your favorite sites. On the address bar at the bottom, click the […]


Windows 8: Create Groups for Items on Start Screen

From the start screen, hover the mouse pointer in the lower right corner, and click the “zoom out” icon (or CTRL + mouse wheel). The icons on the start screen are minimized. Right click any of the existing groups. A green checkmark appears in the upper right corner of the group. A menu bar appears […]